Why drumming?

  • ...because common rhythm connects your people.


Rhythm and drumming train and develop individual physical and psychological abilities. They can create unique feeling of coherence. Group drumming represents playing various drums and percussions in creative way.
Rhythmical exercises and especially drumming are the oldest and most effective way of teambuilding in all cultures around the world. The same has been done by our ancestors for thousands of years when they met to make important decisions, to work, or just to enjoy the fellowship with their loved ones more deeply. This has always been accompanied by active music - playing instruments and singing by all participants. With our activities, we seek to return to the roots of using music as a tool for development of individual and/or group. 
  • ...because it is easy and fun.
Each member gets a drum or another rhythmical instrument and becomes a member of an orchestra, which is guided by a specially educated and experienced facilitator. The common drumming makes a stirring rhythm, which makes all participants became a part of orchestra.
Drumming is very easy. Even a person that holds the drum for the first time is able to participate in a short while. It is simply a big fun also for musical newcomers.

Every participant makes his/her own contribution towards the common purpose. The common rhythms during the drum session calm down the personal thoughts of each attendee for a while. The left and right hemispheres of their brain begin to work simultaneously and this releases the way for creativity and communication.


Music and especially making music is not only for „chosen” ones. Rhythm is the core of music (only then melody and harmony come). It follows us all the time, since the heartbeat, breathing, walking, etc. are all rhythmical activities, which are done each day by every one of us. Rhythm is also a way how to better perceive and express ourselves..

Collective drumming is therefore an ideal activity before, during and also after a corporate team building, conference; kick off meeting and any company event in general.