Our offer

Our programs can be enacted outside or inside, from 30 minutes to 1 day or even several days, for 10 up to XY people. A specific program can be developed according to your special needs and after previous consultation. It can be focused on e.g. concentration, team coordination, stress management, ice breaking, etc. or a mixture.


Here are some specific proposals:

  • Drumming during teambuilding

30-90 min; drumming session can take place outdoor or indoor, all attendants will play together on various rhytmical instruments. There's no need for previous musical skills, since we are not looking for the best one and no one will be evaluated. We will create original rhytmical activities, which will be a perfect combination of fun and practical exercises of teamwork ( communication, cooperation, time management, leading and stress management)




  • Drumming during conference

up to 30 min; Icebraker, Energizer...before your conference starts, let us tune you to the common "beat"; unforgettable experience



  • Drum Session on your company event or party..

30-60min (suitable for the beginning of party or as a part of our drum show or concert ) The common drum session is a great fun activity during your party. Everyone is invited to join. Also, a part of team can prepare a performance for collegues within just about 15 minutes.



  • Sport and Family days

Fun, joy, laughter, comunity, creativity, non-verbal comunication, music..


  • Kick off meetings
  •  New Product presentation
  • 3-months courses


Contact us on office@rytmika.sk