Drums at schools

Interactive music-rhytmical programs for playschools, primary and secondary schools, community and freetime centers.



Content and goals of our programs:


  1. Our programs are built on interactive rhythmical games with or without musical instruments.
  • By fun (fairy tales or games) children and young people are familiarized with various musical instruments from cultures all around the world. The participants try out playing techniques, learn basic types of rhythm and also how to design and keep any desired rhythm.
  • The programs are flexible depending on age and number of people in the group. Musical knowledge and talent is not important.


Our programs have a positive impact not only on the elementary human musical capabilities, but also on the development of essential life skills such as follows:



  • sense for music
  • creative thinking and self-expression
  • prevention against agressivity and bullying
  • fine motor abd gross motorical skills
  • natural mathematical thinking
  • group communication and cooperation
  • handling with stress
  • individual self-reflexion
  • group awareness
  • motivation and creativity improvement