Corporate drumming


Rhythm and Music support the system – team, organization or individual


  • Drumming can help to understand other people, find new possibilities of communication and cooperation in a team and organization, through simple play people get to know each other better, they are discovering new or hidden potential.


  • The common experience gets people closer, which leads to mutual support, develops creativity, that can later be used in different areas as well as it encourages to make things, we haven’t done before, to see different possibilities in every-day activities, to discover new features of objects, events and/or processes. At individual level, it may expand abilities and potential of individual, which can be used not just in current, but also in future work position. 


  • It is possible to transfer discovered and unveiled abilities into managing, leading people, working processes – transfer the creative experience into professional activities by searching for equilibrium of music and real practice... 


  • For the company – change the chaos into system and vice-versa, too rigid, inflexible system enhance with creativity, openness and change. 


  • For your company, we will create original rhythmic activities that will be a perfect combination of fun and practical illustration of team work (communication, cooperation, time management, leading and stress management). 


  • We speak English, German, French, Spanish, Croatian and Bulgarian.



30.06.2013 Hviezdy deťom 



On December 17th, 2009 we organized the biggest company drum session in Slovakia ever! Over 450 people of the company Henkel in the club Dopler in Bratislava joined this event. It was a colossal drumming show, which will be remembered: Rytmika featuring Henkel 2009




Etnobubnová škola Rytmika


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Mgr. Tono Gúth