Drum school RYTMIKA


“Wake your rhythm up”
Our body is a music instrument that is possible to educate at any age. Everyone has a rhythm and everyone's body performs rhythmically (heart beat, breathing, walking, sleep...). With our activities we are waking our natural rhythm up and subsequently we are developing it. The doors to EDS Rytmika are opened for all those, who wish to work on their rhythm and want to drum either professionally, to relax or just to try it. Drumming helps to develop musical skills as well as it supports communication, creativity, self-expression, social interests…
“Everybody has rhythm”
We were founded in 2003 and already 10 years we connect people with music through our drum circles, workshops, courses and concerts. We have experiences with more than 1500 groups (over 10,000 people). We did workshops also in France, Germany, Austria, Finland and Czech Republic.
It's nice to become a child once more for a while...it brings back creativity, fantasy, motivation, dreaming, joy, laughter and smile...



Welcome to Ethnodrum school RYTMIKA

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